CCA 9.4 Lesson 4: Techniques in handling objections

There are several good techniques sales professionals use to overcome objections. The following techniques will give you a variety of choices and allow you to adapt to each individual customer. Remember, some objections may require long answers while others can be answered in a statement or two. As long as the customer feels free to ask questions or raise objections, he is still interested in your product and involved in the presentation.

Indirect Denial: This method is often referred to as the Yes, But Method. This method is probably the most widely used method in answering objections. This method is very simple, but very effective.  With this technique the sales professional acknowledges the objection and also protects the feelings of the customer. After agreeing with the customer, the sales professional then can proceed in explaining or justifying the objection. Keep in mind that most customers are emotionally involved in the objections they raise. This technique is good in calming their emotions. It allows you to discuss and justify your point-of-view without getting into an argument or trying to prove the customer wrong. This method can also be used when the customer has a misunderstanding about your product.