CCA 9.3 Lesson 3: Hints in overcoming objections

Before a discussion of specific methods and techniques that are used in overcoming objections, it is necessary to look at some general principles to remember in the process of handling objections. We will refer to these principles as The Golden Rules in Overcoming Objections.  These general rules come from our professional experience and discussions with many successful professional sales professionals. They are found in the next illustration.

The Ten Golden Rules in Overcoming Objections

  1. Always welcome objections with open arms.
  2. Always listen to the objection.
  3. Be relaxed and calm in handling objections.
  4. Maintain good eye contact.
  5. Repeat or restate the objection in question form.
  6. Answer the objection.
  7. Never argue.
  8. Never fake an answer.
  9. Treat all objections seriously.
  10. Objections can be opportunities to close.