CCA 7.3 Lesson 3: Develop a customized strategy

Which of the basic approaches discussed in this chapter is best to use in selling? Well, the answer is not a simple one because it depends on several factors. Which selling approach technique you use depends on you and your personality, what you are comfortable in using, what product or service you’re selling, what works in your specific industry, and what other sales professional selling similar products have had success with. Of course, the most important factor to consider is the buyer and what you think will work best with a specific buyer in a given situation. As illustrated below, you need to develop a customized strategy that is the result of trial and error, research, and your personal observations in your industry of other successful sales professionals. Time and experience will help you develop a personal strategy consisting of those techniques that have proven to be most successful in securing an opportunity to give your persuasive sales presentation at a future date.

You Must Develop Customized Approach Strategy

Key factors to consider in deciding on which approach techniques to use.

Personality of the sales professional.

What the sales professional is comfortable in using.

Product or service being sold.

What works well with other sales professional in your industry.

What the specific situation may demand.

Characteristics of the individual buyer.