CCA 2.3 Lesson 3: Developing a win/win or swan-like attitude

Even with the challenges of economic hard times, recessions and depressions, the principles of the Free Enterprise System will provide the means for survival and once again will overcome! The fiber of the people has enabled them to always conquer the greatest obstacles through individual commitment and caring. Something is happening today in our country, especially in the selling profession, that is impacting everything from the Free Enterprise System to our education system, and even our very homes and families. All areas of life have come under attack from the deadliest virus that this world has ever seen. Imagine, if you can, each person being infected by a deadly virus and slowly falling victim and gradually being destroyed. This demon of destruction carries in its bite the feeling of laziness and a “don’t care” attitude. People all around us are beginning to exhibit the fatal symptoms of this national epidemic. The symptoms are easily recognized and can be cured if the victims are warned. The focus of this message is to help you determine if you have fallen victim to the dreaded FADES virus and teach you the simple yet effective cure. The FADES virus is very similar to the AIDS virus. As you know, AIDS attacks a person’s immune system and will eventually bring about physical death. FADES attacks a person’s service system and brings about a death in any desire to provide service for other people. A person that experiences FADES eventually feels like an Ugly Duck because of poor self-image, lack of confidence, and low self-worth. In fact, the FADES carrier has no success in building positive and powerful relationships with other people. The “Ugly Duck” simply Doesn’t Understand Caring, Kindness, and Service as the crucial elements in building positive relationships and first impressions.

Definition of FADES • Failure to • Acquire the • Desire for • Excellent • Service.

To control this FADES epidemic, we must use the same approach that the American Cancer Society uses in controlling cancer. The society puts out a pamphlet called Cancer Facts and this information points out that the key in controlling cancer is basically YOU! The pamphlet teaches that you can protect yourself against cancer by some simple changes in lifestyle, learning the seven warning signs, looking daily for the warning signs, and when a sign appears and going immediately to a doctor for a medical check-up. You are now going to learn the five warning signs of FADES. By learning the signs, looking for them daily, and obtaining immediate help when a FADES virus sign appears, you will prolong and improve the service you give to other people and also become masterful in nurturing healthy business relationships.