Final Evaluation and Submitting Your Personal Creed

As part of your final evacuation, your teacher will verify that up to this point you have completed all the service hours corresponding to this course as a requirement for your accreditation, likewise you are expected to deliver an excellent personal creed, here are some guidelines for the delivery of your personal creed:

The purpose is to write about you.

When life is plotted, planned and evaluated frequently, we can reach our destination successfully.

Making a self-assessment, making frequent small changes and corresponding adjustments will keep our course efficient and enjoyable. Working on your “Personal Creed” will stimulate your thinking and supply you with the necessary tools to create a map, design your life and set the course to make corrections towards a better life.

  • The personal creed is a document that talks about you, your values, beliefs, virtues, your goals, you can include pictures of you, your family and the people you are talking about, etc.
  • It is elaborated digitally. That is, in a document.
  • It contains a cover page with your full name and can include your photograph.
  • It consists of seven parts. As taught in the Keystone videos each week.

The elements that your personal creed should contain are the following:

  1. My Philosophy of Life.
  2. My Mentors.
  3. My Strengths and Weaknesses.
  4. My Core Values.
  5. My Goals.
  6. The Energizers.
  7. My Song.

You will be surprised and very pleased to write about you and to know the direction you will give to your life.

If you already have your personal creed and it meets the above sections and criteria upload it below.